Chinese BERT with Whole Word Masking


Pre-Training with Whole Word Masking for Chinese BERT Yiming Cui, Wanxiang Che, Ting Liu, Bing Qin, Ziqing Yang, Shijin Wang, Guoping Hu

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How to use

embeddings = BertEmbeddings.pretrained("chinese_bert_wwm", "zh") \
      .setInputCols("sentence", "token") \
nlp_pipeline = Pipeline(stages=[document_assembler, sentence_detector, tokenizer, embeddings])

val embeddings = BertEmbeddings.pretrained("chinese_bert_wwm", "zh")
      .setInputCols("sentence", "token")
val pipeline = new Pipeline().setStages(Array(document_assembler, sentence_detector, tokenizer, embeddings))
import nlu
nlu.load("zh.embed.bert.wwm").predict("""Put your text here.""")

Model Information

Model Name: chinese_bert_wwm
Compatibility: Spark NLP 3.1.0+
License: Open Source
Edition: Official
Input Labels: [token, sentence]
Output Labels: [embeddings]
Language: zh
Case sensitive: true

Data Source


-	BERTGoogle	BERT-wwm	BERT-wwm-ext	RoBERTa-wwm-ext	RoBERTa-wwm-ext-large
Masking	WordPiece	WWM[1]	WWM	WWM	WWM
Type	base	base	base	base	large
Data Source	wiki	wiki	wiki+ext[2]	wiki+ext	wiki+ext
Training Tokens #	0.4B	0.4B	5.4B	5.4B	5.4B
Device	TPU Pod v2	TPU v3	TPU v3	TPU v3	TPU Pod v3-32[3]
Training Steps	?	100KMAX128
+100KMAX512	1MMAX128
+400KMAX512	1MMAX512	2MMAX512
Batch Size	?	2,560 / 384	2,560 / 384	384	512
Optimizer	AdamW	LAMB	LAMB	AdamW	AdamW
Vocabulary	21,128	~BERT[4]	~BERT	~BERT	~BERT
Init Checkpoint	Random Init	~BERT	~BERT	~BERT	Random Init