Spark NLP - Quick Start


Requirements & Setup

Spark NLP is built on top of Apache Spark 3.x. For using Spark NLP you need:

  • Java 8 and 11
  • Apache Spark 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x

It is recommended to have basic knowledge of the framework and a working environment before using Spark NLP. Please refer to Spark documentation to get started with Spark.

Install Spark NLP in

Join our Slack channel

Join our channel, to ask for help and share your feedback. Developers and users can help each other getting started here.

Spark NLP Slack

Spark NLP in Action

Make sure to check out our demos built by Streamlit to showcase Spark NLP in action:

Spark NLP Demo

Spark NLP Examples

If you prefer learning by example, check this repository:

Spark NLP Examples

It is full of fresh examples and even a docker container if you want to skip installation.

Below, you can follow into a more theoretical and thorough quick start guide.

Where to go next

If you need more detailed information about how to install Spark NLP you can check the Installation page

Detailed information about Spark NLP concepts, annotators and more may be found HERE

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