Sentiment Analysis of IMDB Reviews Pipeline (analyze_sentimentdl_glove_imdb)


A pre-trained pipeline to classify IMDB reviews in neg and pos classes using glove_100d embeddings.

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How to use

from sparknlp.pretrained import PretrainedPipeline 
pipeline = PretrainedPipeline("analyze_sentimentdl_glove_imdb", lang = "en") 
import com.johnsnowlabs.nlp.pretrained.PretrainedPipeline
val pipeline = new PretrainedPipeline("analyze_sentimentdl_glove_imdb", lang = "en")
import nlu
nlu.load("en.sentiment.glove").predict("""Put your text here.""")


|    | document                                                                                                 | sentiment     |
|    | Demonicus is a movie turned into a video game! I just love the story and the things that goes on in the  |               |
|  0 | film.It is a B-film ofcourse but that doesn`t bother one bit because its made just right and the music   | positive      |
|    | was rad! Horror and sword fight freaks,buy this movie now!                                               |               |

Model Information

Model Name: analyze_sentimentdl_glove_imdb
Type: pipeline
Compatibility: Spark NLP 2.7.1+
Edition: Official
Language: en

Included Models

glove_100d, sentimentdl_glove_imdb